torstai 17. maaliskuuta 2011

Filonymous' blog / Quality of life

Hello there! I started this new blog because I wanted to share my thoughts with other people. I wish that I get as many arguments and comments as possible. It's interesting to see if you people agree with me or not. But let's get started...

Quality of life
Have you ever think'd about your quality of life? I have. It's good. Everyone's is. Whether you are millionaire or poor drug addict, your life's good anyhow.
I don't know if you are into computer games but I am a big fan of them. So now I will use game 'Runescape' (which I played as a kid alot) as an example. In the game you can train your abilities (ex. strenght, attack, defence). Some people train only their strenght skill so their character can be classified as a 'pure' character. 'Pure' characters are concetrated to only one of the main skills. These characters hit hard but they are weak. Even though they are weak, they have very good possibilities to win their battles because of their hit power.
For example drug addict is a life's own pure character. Drug users usually use drugs to party and feel good. They concentrate on fast and furious part of life. Of course because they don't train their health or financial skills they are weak on those aspects of life - but man, when they get drugs they are on top of their worlds. This can be used on any kind of pure characters of life, book worms and financial workers who don't pay too much attention to their social life and will be not as popular as social party animals. Though when the thing is bout' money or knowledge, they are the kings of kings.
By being pure you can't survive through the whole game though. In some part of life you have to let down your main skill (when it comes to it's level cap) and start to do something else too. If not, you will get stomped by other characters who have already to started to train their other skills. Nerdy book worm is now in good job and has lots of cash. With cash you can easily boost up your social standing - and how fast.
Any who. I got a little bit side tracked from my main point. If you have some main skill that you like, don't let it go. That might be the meaning of life for you. Do that, if you are happy with it.

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  1. Seems really interesting blog! Following from now on

  2. That's a very interesting view of the world you have there. How about the secondary skills, should they be left without attention? Also, the social standing a nerd gets with his precious money is all kinds of fake and maybe not the best way to happiness. My point would be that always be true to yourself and try to find the happiness within regardless of others. :)

  3. Seems kind of onesided point of view..