perjantai 18. maaliskuuta 2011

Bad deeds and love for yourself

Life of the human being is not very long and I think that we should go all out with it. I think by myself that conceit is pretty useful attribute to achieve this goal. People always talk about good life by saying: 'you are a good human being if you help others and bla bla..." I say fuck that. Person who you should give the most love is yourself.
I'm not narcissist but I admit that some people would think otherwise if they could get a glance to my inner thoughts. Narcissists mostly hurt they fellow man by their actions, now this is not about that. I actually love my fellow man very much. Let me use my last blog update a little bit here too: I have trained my manipulative and lying skills very well and I can get pretty much what I want. Yet I dont do it by stepping over other people, that wouldn't be nice, would it? My main goal is to get myself the happiest people alive but (with lying, manipulating) without breaking anyone other's happiness.

I probably will continue about this topic soon because I was in a little bit hurry when posting and many things fell off what I was about to write about.

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